Fully automatic packing

Very compact and effective

The machine folds the cartons automatically, fills them with bottles and seals them with adhesive tape.

Up to 3000 bottles can be processed per hour.


Pre-sorting the bottles into 2 rows of 6


Lifting the bottles ready to place them in the cartons


Inserting the bottles into the cartons


and finally sealing them...


… and printing

As an option, a sequence of letters or numbers or an EAN code with running numbers can be printed on the carton.




The combination of fully automatic packing machine and labeler with the bottling machine of my partner from the firm of "Weinküferei Benzmüller GmbH" forms an efficient bottling line, which achieves maximum results with the minimum of personelle!

My customers can see a short film of the machine on Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/SKFreek?feature=mhum



PDF-Download packing machine

To ensure the machinery functions perfectly , we have to check the cartons, lables, capsules and bottles beforehand!