Examples of self-adhesive lables

Something special

E.g. Magnum bottle with front and back lable and award mark

More examples:

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Vols Wiltingen vorneVols-Wiltingen

5 part wraparound lable with roll-on capsule
Vols Wiltingen hinten Melsheimer-Siebenborn vorneMelsheimer-Siebenborn

2 part with shrink capsule
Melsheimer-Siebenborn hinten
Löwenstein-Winningen vorneLöwenstein-Winningen

2 part front slanted
Löwenstein-Winningen hinten Dr. Siemens-Serrig vorneDr. Siemens-Serrig

2 part with roll-on capsule
Dr. Siemens-Serrig hinten
Claß-Vendersheim vorneClaß-Vendersheim

2 part with shrink capsule
Claß-Vendersheim hinten Lambrich-Oberwesel Dellhofen vorneLambrich-Oberwesel Dellhofen

Lable and award mark
LEO-Deidesheim vorneLEO-Deidesheim

Wraparound banderole with roll-on capsule
LEO-Deidesheim hinten Ollinger-Perl Sehndorf vorneOllinger-Perl Sehndorf

2 lables
Ollinger-Perl Sehndorf hinten
Balz-Flonheim vorneBalz-Flonheim

wraparound with shrink capsule
Balz-Flonheim hinten Bauer-Mülheim vorneBauer-Mülheim

2 part front and 1 part back with shrink capsule
Bauer-Mülheim hinten
vorne Charta Schengen I

front an back lable + roll-on capsule
Balz-Flonheim hinten     
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