Self-adhesive labeling


The highest possible precision is provided by machines using the most modern technology.

On the 1st of January 2011 a new machine, a »Gai 9643«, with higher performance was brought into operation!

My customers can see the machine on YouTube:

This machine has a high performance washing and drying unit, a capsule unit with no less than 4 rollerheads and possesses the ability to add lables to bottles which already have lables.

The area where the bottles are removed from the machine was redesigned to provide significantly more space.

The size of the machine has hardly changed. It is only 10 cms longer than its predecessor. The height has even decreased by 5 cms.

This was achieved by careful planning and attention to detail.

4 rollerheads

Capsule fitter with shrinkhead

Washing and drying area

Washing and drying area

On the way to you


A maximum of 3000 bottles per hour can be washed, tried, fitted with capsules (either shrink or roll-on) and lables can be afixed in up to three stations (the third station is used for diagonal lables or lables on the neck of the bottle or for award lables. )

All these processes occur completely automatically in one pass.

Subsequently the cartons are sealed by another machine, optionally they can also be packed by machine.