My sponsored children

My sponsored children in the Philippines are called Bernasir Kissaie (on the left) and Nurkhayma Sajili (on the right).

Foto Bernasir Foto Nurkhayma

I would like to describe their lives using little Bernasir as an example:

Bernasir's home is in the town of Zamboanga. It is in the province Sulu in the administrative district of Jolo in the south of the Philippines. The life of the people is tough and full of privation. Bernasir's family is one of the poorest in the area. The child lives with his parents and seven older siblings in a slum in a simple hut that has neither electricity nor water. Bernasir's father works as a casual labourer. He earns not more than 40 € per month which is so little and irregular, that he is not able to care for his family. Their food is unbalanced and poor in vitamins.

Karte Philippinen

Benasier, who is called Ben at home, and Nurkhayma can, with my help, visit the school regularly, an advantage that is by no means common for children in the Philippines. The CCF project pays for all costs of the school visit and, thanks to this support, Bernasir, Nurkhayuma and their families will enjoy a better education, a balanced diet and medical treatment.

With relatively little money the situation of a familie can be significantly improved.


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