Making of...

An new labelling machine is born


We collect the trailer that was built especially to accomodate the labeling machine from the trailer manufacturers
Hoffman in Gindorf.


The machine was hoisted onto the trailer and securely fastened.

It was important to ensure that the trailer remained ballanced and was not unevenly loaded.

This made it necessary to calculate the distribution of the loads beforehand.



We also needed to make sure, that there was enough space on the trailer for various accessories like the compressor, the carton sealing device, the air tank and the moulded components for the different bottles.



To make more space for the removal of the bottles, the conveyor belt has a slanted end which makes its operation much easier compared to the previous machine.



The trailer was then returned to the firm of Hofmann in Gindorf, so that they could install a specially fabricated tarpaluline incorporating a roof frame.



And finally back to the firm of Clemens where the finishing touches were applied and the machine thorougly tested so that it could be brought into operation on the 18th of January 2011.