Diatomaceous earth (precoat filtration)

A new 4 m² diatomaceous earth filter was brought into operation on the 1st October 2010.

Like its predecessor it is possible to filter the wine using excentric pumps and candle filters so gently that it is subsequently ready to be bottled.

Final emptying is carried out using an external wound filter.


In diatomaceous earth filters, the separation is achieved by a real filter process.

Diatomaceous earth, which has been prepared beforehand in a mixer, is added to the wine in a machine which enables an accurate dosage to be achieved.

The filtering effect occurs because the diatomaceous earth is deposited on a suitable carrier layer, formed of horizontal filter sheets.


We use a device with 4 m² horizontal filter elements.

The throughput varies between 4000 and 5500 litres per hour depending on the turbidity of the wine or liquid.

Downstream of the main filter we use a candle filter, to catch the diatomaceous earth at the beginning and the end of the filtration process.

The materials necessary to carry out the filtration are diatomaceous earth, cellulose and perlite. These materials are included in the price.